Hales Hall Goosberry Fool

Gooseberry Fool

Gooseberry Fool


For the simplest, speediest taste of an English summer… We made this with fruit from our kitchen gardens and fresh cream from a local dairy. But all good farmers’ markets and supermarkets will have gooseberries in season.

Allow approx 100g of gooseberries per person

Ingredients for a batch

• Fresh gooseberries
• Caster sugar
• Icing sugar
• Fresh double cream
• A squeeze of lemon


Weigh the freshly picked gooseberries (sharper Gooseberries have more pectin and will make better fools)

Add a table spoon of caster sugar per 100g of gooseberries, plus a squeeze of lemon into a super clean stainless steel oven tray.

Roast the fruit sealed with tin foil at 180 degrees celsius until cooked and turned to mush (approx 20 mins).

Refrigerate still covered in same tray till really cold.

Meanwhile, whisk in a very cold metal bowl 75ml of whipping cream per 100g of gooseberries.

When soft peaks begin to form add a table spoon of icing sugar per 75ml of cream.

Return to the fridge to cool fully.

Remove the gooseberries from the fridge and crush them with a fork and then fold in the cream and sugar mix.

This mixture should be returned to the fridge or if running out of time don’t be afraid of the freezer – it’s your best friend during the summer months!

Serve in iced vintage glass bowls with a few fresh gooseberries and a dash of grappa on top.