St Giles Gin

St Giles Gin

St Giles Gin is distilled just outside Norwich and the team consists of husband and wife, Simon and Alison Melton, and distiller Pete Margree. Simon and Alison have shared a passion for gin for many years sampling some amazing, and some less amazing, gins from around the world. The original thought was to showcase some of these wonderful gins but the idea snowballed and they decided that they wanted to create their own unique gin. A serendipitous meeting with Pete meant that he was on board right at the start. He’d had a lot of involvement with small scale spirit flavouring at a local pub and had experience of brewing and distilling while living abroad some years earlier. Combined with being a real perfectionist they knew that their gin would be in very safe hands with him! Months of painstaking research and development ensued which led to over 100 small batch experimental gins being made. Through rigorous tasting sessions these were then evaluated, improved or rejected until we at long last created our signature gin: St. Giles Gin.


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