Wild Knight

Matt and Steph Brown of Founding Drinks Ltd, take pleasure in introducing you to the very finest and authentic premium spirits, with real provenance and personality. Their drinks include Wild Knight® – Ultra-Premium English Vodka and Nelson’s Gold®  Caramelised English Vodka. Wild Knight is a pure, English sipping vodka. Designed to be sipped and savoured. It’s perfect served over ice, but is also delicious as the star in many cocktails, see: https://www.wildknightvodka.co.uk/serves

Nelson’s Gold is a caramelised English vodka using Wild Knight as its base and blending it with caramel made from East Anglian sugar beet. Nelson’s Gold was recently voted in the top best flavoured vodkas by The Independent. Matt and Steph look forward to meeting you on Sunday 18th March at Hales Hall.